Potpourri Sprints Challenge 2019, Sunday, 5 May 2019, Sector 23B - Dwarka Delhi, Coach Ravinder Gurugram

Potpourri Sprints Challenge 2019

As we announce the 5th edition of Potpourri Challenge, we can see that the running scenario has changed dramatically in past 4-5 years. So we are shifting from the earlier format of inter group competition to a new exciting, never done before, format of Sprints.

The event will now be called Potpourri Sprints Challenge

Potpourri Sprints Challenge 2019 starts in:

Race Categories:
Important information for you, before you start registering:
Choose your race categories wisely.
Relay team runners will have to register separately for 2nd race (choose from 800m or 400m)
5000m cross country runners will participate in only one category.
Relay teams can make any possible combinations of men only, women only, 2men+2women, 1men+3women or 3men+1women.

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